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Operations Excellence

Operations excellence is critical to the success of a business in the ever changing dynamics of a global economy. Designed to improve shareholder value through better asset productivity, operations excellence will regularly produce tangible results that are sustainable and contribute to the company’s overall competitiveness. Whether it’s cost reductions, setting quality standards, satisfying demanding customers or being a leader of product design, most senior leaders do not maximize their role or the impact they can create on a day-to-day basis to produce results that support the overall business strategy.


The expertise, methodologies and application of experience of the professionals at Focus Management Group will create a program that transforms a company’s core business operation to function effectively to attain a strategic competitive advantage. Using our knowledge of Lean Manufacturing, Theory of Constraints and other approaches including the use of such tools as Six Sigma, ISO and others, we will define and structure improvement efforts while coaching middle management to understand their role to support continuous operations excellence and improvement. Our success for operations excellence is demonstrated in quality, timeliness, efficiency, costs, cycle time among other metrics.

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