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Energy companies in the current economy are contending with unprecedented challenges due to price swings in natural gas and oil prices and changes in the world wide dynamics related to energy importers and exporters. The industry faces high market volatility, changing growth prospects and changing costs for services and equipment. As a result, energy companies are struggling to forecast revenues and expenses.


To assist clients, FMG provides a wide array of services that address the strategic, financial, regulatory and legal needs of the industry. Our Professionals have worked with companies across all sectors of the industry. We bring industry experience and our financial and operational expertise to deliver results for our clients and their stakeholders.


Selective Industry Experience:

  • Natural Gas

  • Ethanol Alternative Energy

  • Electric Power

  • Crude Oil

  • Oil & Gas Exploration

  • Co-Generation

  • Emission Controls & Reduction

  • Offshore Drilling Sites

  • Directional Drilling

  • Utility Boilers

  • Rig Operations


Because of our intimate knowledge of the energy industry, FMG professionals ask the right questions, pursue the appropriate analyses, and develop persuasive conclusions and recommendations that address the challenges and opportunities clients face.


Energy Industry Service Offerings:

  • Asset Management

  • Asset Recovery

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Finance and Accounting Management

  • Strategy Development

  • Efficiency Improvement

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Merger Integration

  • Bankruptcy Services

  • Interim Management

  • Supply Chain Management

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