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Distribution & Logistics

The physical distribution cost structures of capital, labor, warehousing and transportation are changing the equations traditionally used to balance the various components of the total logistics process. Finding the right combination of distribution locations and transportation support, or balancing customer service requirements against inventory carrying costs, may mean exploring alternative distribution patterns.


The FMG team has extensive experience working for distributors in distressed situations. We are experienced in all aspects of logistics and distribution operations, including inventory control, throughput and fill rates, shipping, truckload and less‐than‐truckload hauling, quality control, receiving, inspection, warehousing and material handling.


Distribution & Logistics Services
Our distribution and logistics consulting professionals have experience in the following areas:


  • Efficiency Enhancement

  • Cost Control/Fleet Utilization

  • System Review & Implementation

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Rate Structures

  • Customer Service

  • Strategic Analysis

  • Overall Business Management

  • New Revenue Generation

  • Tactical Analysis

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