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Manufacturing & Processing

The consolidation of buying power and a fluctuating market demand continue to force manufacturers and processors to struggle a marginal profitable share of their market. The professionals of Focus Management Group can help manufacturing businesses maintain their market share and sharpen their competitive advantage while still generating high shareholder returns. Our team has extensive experience assisting manufacturing companies and their stakeholders in distressed and volatile situations.


Focus Management Group has a systematic approach to improve the performance for manufacturers and processors that drives bottom‐line results and builds confidence in shareholders. With expertise in almost every manufacturing sector, our professionals are uniquely qualified to assess your manufacturing risk factors and forge a turnaround strategy and implementation plan.  Focus Management Group can stabilize your manufacturing processes by:


  • Increasing capacity

  • Optimizing the supply chain

  • Reducing inventories

  • Improving raw material usage

  • Increasing product optimization and business innovation

  • Providing a clear vision for continued growth and profits

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