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Lender & Creditor Negotiations

When companies experience financial difficulties, symptoms may include declining availability under bank lines of credit or mounting pressure from their stakeholders. In situations like these, Focus Management Group can lead the development and implementation of recovery plans for our clients and then can assist or lead lender negotiations and creditor negotiations help facilitate the implementation of  a recovery plan.

Our first priority is to assess and immediately stabilize the situation at hand, identify root problems and establish a clear path of recovery. We then present the recovery plan to interested parties–including the company’s lender(s) and its other creditors–in order to obtain their support for the plan. We can provide an outside opinion and calm approach to the negotiations which, in turn, result in a successful outcome for all parties. Our hands-on approach preserves the ongoing value of the business and helps our clients re-establish credibility with its key constituents and major funding sources.

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