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  • Juanita Schwartzkopf

Is This a Good Time for a Borrower to Refinance?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The daily onslaught of negative business news seems to indicate all businesses are struggling and no lenders are lending. Nothing could be further from the truth!

To support those businesses and their lenders, we have been working with borrowers and lenders who want to stop working together to help the businesses find a new lender.

Our Approach

Because we are used to identifying weaknesses in the financial and operating performance of companies, we are also used to identifying the strengths a business possesses. It is those strengths that we are able to identify, highlight and then prove out to new lenders.

Our process involves a fast timeline to prepare the teaser, nondisclosure agreement (“NDA”), and confidential information memorandum (“CIM”), and populate the data room.

We identify lenders who are experienced with the industry, the type of collateral, or the story of the company.

Next, we go to market and manage the process of coordinating information flow and guiding potential lenders through the information and the timeline.

Throughout the refinance process we provide all parties with weekly updates to identify the areas of question and concern, the need for new lenders to be added to the list, and the impact of information on the timeline.


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