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Focus Management Group Welcomes Max Peter to the Team

Focus Management Group (“FMG”) is pleased to announce the addition of Max Peter to our growing team of professionals. After Max graduated from Miami University with a degree in accounting, he worked on many consulting engagements focusing attention on cash flow management, modeling working capital, and evaluating financial performance. He has also assisted companies and lenders in developing debt restructuring plans and implementing restructuring plans both in and out of court protection.

Max has assisted private equity in developing merger and acquisition planning by completing quality of earnings (“QOE”) reports, and contribution margin analysis. And, Max has been involved in multiple refinancing activities on behalf of client companies.

Tim Pruban, CEO of Focus Management Group, welcomed Max to the team in May 2023 and stated “Max is already assisting clients in multiple projects, and we look forward to having him become more involved with our FMG team and all we offer to companies, lenders and investors. Bringing the combination of education and experience that Max has further supports FMG’s continued growth. Please join me in welcoming Max to the FMG team.”


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