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Focus Management Group: June Month in Review

Each month we will be posting an overview article that covers our recent company articles, announcements, and insights. Below is for the month of June.

Focus Management Group - commodities

How is the Poultry Industry Impacted by Commodity Prices?

Rising corn and soybean prices are boosting financial prospects for the producers of those crops. The flip side of that pricing success is that the consumers of corn and soybeans are feeling tremendous cost pressures.

Poultry producers and processors, and egg layers and processors, have seen their feed costs increase 50% or more since the second half of 2020.

The poultry business has notoriously tight margins, which means feed cost increases may be an insurmountable change for many market participants.

This is a critical period for liquidity and profitability for the entire poultry industry.

Focus Management Group - retail

How Will Retailers Reimagine Themselves in 2021?

The pandemic has changed the retail delivery of products forever. This article will explore some of the trends impacting retailers, and then look at ways to evaluate and monitor retailer’s performance going forward.

🛒Where are consumers shopping?

📦How are consumers receiving products?

📧How do businesses communicate with consumers?

🛍️To meet the changing consumer experience demands how do retailers respond?

📊How are you successfully evaluating performance?

The retail sector of the economy has always experienced risks subject to changing consumer demands and unforeseen disruptive factors.

Focus Management Group - lumber prices

Who are the Winners and Losers with today’s Lumber Prices?

Commodity price changes are capturing headlines, but as those prices change, who are the winners and losers?

Let’s explore the impact of lumber price changes on various business sectors. For example, home builders, real estate developers, wholesale and retail lumber sellers rely on access to lumber. Window, door, and furniture manufacturers use lumber as a production input. The timber producers and end-user consumers of lumber rely on the supply and demand equation to meet needs at a reasonable price. The cost of lumber has far reaching implications for the economy, and understanding the inflationary aspects of this commodity will be important.

A successful company will be one that is clearly able to analyze profitability by customer, product and division, and make appropriate operating cost changes as needed, with the ability to pass along cost increases when contracts allow.

Focus Management Group - chapter 11

New Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Reporting Requirements

The DOJ has finalized new Chapter 11 MOR and PCR reporting requirements. The MOR and PCR forms will now become consistent across all jurisdictions and the new forms and the electronic submission process must be used effective June 21, 2021.

Once this reporting change is fully implemented, the readers of the MORs and PCRs will have consistent information to review and analyze.

Focus Management Group - foodservice and restaurants

Who Will Win the Consumers' Food Business – Retail Grocers or Restaurants?

The impact of Covid-19 was felt throughout the food processing, foodservice, and grocery industries. Consumers changed how they purchased their food and that resulted in companies reinventing their business plans. As the economy reopens and returns to normal, how will consumers react to the New Normal?

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