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Focus Management Group: July Month in Review

Each month we will be posting an overview article that covers our recent company articles, announcements, and insights. Below is for the month of July.

Focus Management Group - PPP Loan Forgiveness

Have All PPP Loans Been Forgiven?

Considering that $782 billion of PPP loans have been made, with $522 billion under the 2020 program and $260 billion under second round program, and these loans may be forgiven if funds were used for the intended purposes, most people would assume these loans have already been forgiven. Surprisingly, that is not an accurate assumption.

Of the 2020 PPP loans, $159.1 billion of loans have not yet submitted applications for forgiveness!

While less than 1% of submitted loan applications have been denied, the real story seems to be the amount of loans that have not yet applied for forgiveness.

What does this mean, and what are the next steps? Read more below!

Focus Management Group - cybersecurity

How Do You Protect Yourself From Cyberattacks?

Over the past few months, the news has been filled with reports of cyberattacks, ransomware attacks, and infrastructure concerns for businesses and consumers.

Did you know, an estimated 60% of small businesses fail within six months of an attack!

During an interview with Yahoo Finance Live, the former CEO of Cisco Systems, John Chambers, said that he expected US companies to experience over 65,000 ransomware attacks this year – and he said that was conservative.

These attacks on companies come out to an average cost of $170,000, but are often times in the millions. A considerable amount that can quickly set companies back, let alone put them out of business.

How does a business protect itself and reduce or minimize its risk? And how do stakeholders, such as lenders or investors, evaluate a company’s risk?

Focus Management Group - q1 q2 financial performance

How Do You Effectively Analyze Q1 and Q2 2021 Financial Performance?

Analyzing Q1 and Q2 financial performance is challenging. 2020 was impacted by Covid-19 both positively, through the stimulus programs, and negatively, as a result of shutdowns and stay at home orders along with their trickle down impacts. 2021 financial performance analysis is further complicated by the emerging trends of labor related issues, inflation impacts, commodity prices changes, and supply chain concerns.

Focus Management Group - unexpected economic trends

What are the Unexpected Consequences of the Emerging Economic Trends?

The news is full of articles about emerging trends – inflation, commodity price changes, labor shortages, supply chain problems, and cybersecurity. FMG has prepared articles dealing with each of these topics:

What is the trickle-down impact of these issues? What are the unexpected consequences of inflation, commodity prices changes, labor availability, supply chain concerns, and cybersecurity? And, how are the issues inter-related?

Focus Management Group - water shortage

Will Water Shortages in the US Affect Food Prices? How Do Water Shortages Impact Food Producers?

It seems every year we hear about water shortages, droughts, floods, and other natural catastrophes that impact farmers, ranchers, and food processors, as well as consumers. This year, 2021, is no different.

It appears inevitable that inflation will occur in 2021. Food prices will increase. Water shortages may have immediate impacts on the availability and pricing of certain food products, but it is more likely water issues will have a longer term impact than just 2021.


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