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Focus Management Group: December Month in Review

Each month we post an overview article that covers our recent company articles, announcements, and insights. Below is for the month of December.

Focus Management Group - labor

Updating the 12 Days of Christmas for Inflation Today

For 39 years PNC bank has been publishing the PNC Christmas Price Index! This index covers the yearly price changes in the items from "The 12 Days of Christmas." How well can you answer these trivia questions below...?

🐦🍐 -Do you think a Partridge in a Pear Tree is more or less than $225...?

🕊🕊 -What about 2 Turtle Doves, more or less than $500...?

🐔🐔🐔 -How about 3 French Hens, more or less than $325...?

💰💰💰💰 -What is the total purchase price to buy all of the items on the list?

a. $45,523

b. $41,289

c. $38,693

d. $36,485

Find out the answers in the full article here!

Focus Management Group - food inflation

What Techniques Will Help Companies Make The Best Use of a Financial Advisor?

Lenders often identify borrowers that could benefit from the use of a financial advisor or consultant to assist in the financial planning for the business, but have difficulty convincing borrowers that an outsider is able to provide real time valuable assistance to the business. In this article, ideas and techniques for explaining the benefit of a third-party expert in financial forecasting, working capital management, and financial management are developed for lender or borrower use.

As businesses continue to evolve and face more complex challenges, hiring an experienced financial advisor can be an effective way to gain new insights, develop innovative strategies, and increase efficiency. However, many companies make mistakes when hiring an advisor, which could have a significant impact on the value of the consultant’s services and the successful implementation of the strategies they recommend.

Follow these best practices to ensure a successful outcome when hiring a financial advisor!



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