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Asset Management

Portfolio Management & Monetization


Portfolio Management

The professionals of Focus Management Group have extensive experience in all aspects of portfolio management. By utilizing a disciplined, process-oriented approach, our team consistently maximizes recovery based on desired time frames to ensure benefit to all stakeholders.


Portfolio Management Process

  • We use a proprietary, portfolio management template, customized for each asset class, which allows for a cost-effective and disciplined approach to the management of specific asset portfolios.

  • Our team develops budgets that summarizes the recovery levels and the cost and timing of recoveries to allow for a Net Present Value analysis across various time horizons.

  • We generate asset summary reports that highlight financial and collateral performance, restructuring progress with milestones, and timing of monetization.

  • Our standard reporting modules provide weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting on each asset within a portfolio, including a detailed analysis on monetization activities, as well as an analysis on trends within the portfolio.


Portfolio Monetization

Focus offers a “turnkey” solution for the monetization of assets. Our mandate is to manage and monetize assets comprising a portfolio in a fashion that maximizes the monetary recovery, on a per asset basis, in a cost-effective and efficient manner in accordance with our customer’s desired time frame

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