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Joe Karel

Managing Director

C: 312-307-1541

Joe Karel is a seasoned sales and marketing professional with almost two decades of expertise in the turnaround management industry. In over 10 years with Focus Management Group, Joe has achieved success in a variety of senior management and business development roles using his diversified experience.


Joe has extensive knowledge in turnaround management, corporate renewal, sales and marketing, and business management. He is currently responsible for the business development efforts for Focus Management Group serving lenders and referral sources nationwide. Joe has a particular expertise working with the agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, energy, casual dining, and aviation sectors. 


Joe’s expertise is working with lenders and companies to meet the combined objectives of both.  He understands what lenders want and need, and understands how companies produce profits and cash flow.  He is calm in difficult situations and able to help people with divergent opinions come together to work toward a goal. 


In a previous role, Joe served as the Director of Fund Development for the Turnaround Management Association ("TMA") and was responsible for the development and sale of all marketing opportunities offered at TMA Global Headquarters.  


Over the span of his career, Joe has worked to establish long-standing relationships with numerous firms and constituencies within the corporate restructuring industry.  He is responsible for generating millions in annual revenues and has specifically overseen all print and electronic advertising sales for the Journal of Corporate Renewal and TMA website, sponsorship sales and management for all of international conferences, exhibit sales for the annual convention and all aspects of fundraising, and fulfillment for the organization’s Cornerstone Endowment Campaign.

Joe graduated from Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in business with an emphasis in marketing and a minor in meeting and convention planning.

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