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Jennifer Botter

Managing Director

O: 773-724-2082

Jennifer Botter is a Managing Director with over 25 years of experience leading restructuring initiatives, major acquisitions, and financial strategies that drive profitability and sustainability for her clients.


Jennifer’s expertise also includes financial/legal reorganizations and restructurings, shared service environments, spearheading improvement initiatives, implementations of ERP software systems, resolving deficiencies, and advancing automation. She has worked with for profit and not-for-profit entities in the public and private sectors. Her attention to detail and cash management skills have made her a success dealing with companies undergoing stressful situation. 


Jennifer has over 15 years of experience in healthcare, employing her versatile skill set in financial accounting, operational processes, cash flow management, M&A, and revenue cycle management. 

Prior to joining Focus Management Group, Jennifer served as the CFO and SVP of Finance for a privately held skilled nursing facility operator in the long-term care sector. She was responsible for financial reporting, accounting, treasury, accounts receivable, IT, and payroll for 48 facilities located in 11 states. During her tenure, Jennifer revamped financial statement procedures, established forecasting and sensitivity analysis to improve efficiency, reduced manual processes, and provided overall structure and accountability to generate significant cost savings.


Prior to that role, Jennifer was the CFO and SVP of Finance for a privately held skilled nursing facility operator with 92 facilities in 8 states in the long-term care sector. In that opportunity, Jennifer directed the accounting, treasury, accounts receivables, reimbursement, information technology, payroll and financial reporting areas in a shared service environment. She restructured the organization for efficiencies, reduced manual processes, addressed staffing, and developed internal controls. Jennifer led the acquisition of facilities and structured and secured financing for working capital funding and asset-based borrowing.


Jennifer's experience extends past healthcare. For example, she was the CFO and SVP of Finance for an owner and operator of outdoor resorts in the hospitality sector, where she directed financial operations, development projects, recapitalization, acquisition diligence, and metric-based quantifiers. Among her many accomplishments, she orchestrated three successful acquisitions of two world-class ski resorts valued at $100 million each, and one leading action sports camp valued at $50 million.


Jennifer has a BS degree in Business Administration from Spring Hill College and is certified in Crisis Planning & Strategic Thinking through the Executive Education program at Harvard Business School.

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