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The Importance of Due Diligence in the Acquisition Process


Conducting due diligence on a target at the beginning of the M&A process will improve the outcome for the buyer.  FMG is able to combine expertise in financial management, operations management, and lending strategies to maximize the results for a buyer.

Whether you are an individual buyer or a Private Equity Sponsor, the process of buying a business is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and analysis. One crucial aspect of this process is conducting due diligence, a comprehensive assessment of the target company’s financial, legal, operational, and commercial aspects to evaluate the risks and potential benefits associated with the acquisition.

  • Mitigating Risks:

Due diligence plays a critical role in mitigating risks associated with the acquisition of a business. By thoroughly examining the financial records, contracts, and operational procedures of the target company, potential issues such as undisclosed liabilities, pending litigations, or regulatory non-compliance can be identified. This helps the buyer in making an informed decision and assists in maximizing the negotiations for the terms of the acquisition.

  • Understanding the business:

Conducting due diligence provides the buyer with a deep understanding of the target business. This includes analyzing its market position, competitive landscape, customer base, and growth potential. Such insights are essential in assessing the strategic fit of the acquisition, identifying synergies, and developing integration plans post-acquisition.

  • Financial Assessment:

A comprehensive financial due diligence process allows the buyer to assess the accuracy and sustainability of the target company’s financial performance. This involves scrutinizing the historical financial statements, cash flow projections, and the underlying assumptions. Understanding the financial health of the business is crucial for determining its valuation and assessing the potential return on investment.

  • Legal and Compliance:

Examining the legal and compliance aspects of the target company is vital to avoid unforeseen legal issues post-acquisition. This includes reviewing contracts, licenses, permits, intellectual property rights, and any pending litigation. Identifying legal risks upfront helps in mitigating potential liabilities and safeguarding the buyers’ interests.

  • Negotiating Power:

Conducting thorough due diligence provides the buyer with valuable insights and leverage during negotiations. Discovering issues during due diligence can be used to renegotiate the deal terms, such as purchase price, indemnification clauses, or representations and warranties. Additionally, a transparent due diligence process can build trust between the buyer and seller, facilitating a smoother transaction.


Due diligence is a fundamental step in the process of acquiring a business. It enables the buyer to assess risks, understand the target business, evaluate financial performance, identify legal issues, and negotiate effectively. By investing time and resources in due diligence, potential buyers can make well-informed decisions, mitigate risks, and position themselves for a successful acquisition. Working with a trusted financial advisor who understands the buyer’s appetite for performance and integration risk will streamline the diligence process, allowing the buyer to get a full financial picture of the target they are acquiring.


Leaning on a financial advisor who has crisis management and performance risk experience helps identify risks to the quality of a target’s earnings. FMG is uniquely qualified to produce the highest quality QOE and due diligence reports. Please contact us to discuss your QOE and other due diligence needs. 

Using FMG at the beginning of an M&A process reduces the likelihood of needing to use FMG after acquisition!

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Mark Borkowski
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Signs of a trouble Acquisition. I could write after 36 years in the mid market sell side M&A business

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