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James E. Grobmyer

Senior Consultant

O: 813-281-0062

Jim Grobmyer is a seasoned healthcare executive with over 40 years experience serving a wide variety of healthcare institutions. Jim is an expert in turnarounds, organizational assessment, strategic option analysis (continuation, merger, sale, closure), operations improvement, and governance structuring.


Jim’s extensive healthcare experience coupled with his ability to quickly assess problems, and work with management teams to affect changes, has made him a successful consultant. 


He regularly serves as a turnaround and interim manager to hospitals and other related healthcare organizations throughout the country. Nationally, he has served on the Board of approximately thirty healthcare organizations and has published widely in health journals such as Trustee, Aspen Law and Business, and Health Care Strategic Management.

In previous roles, Jim served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Allegheny Health System, Inc. and the entirety of its subsidiaries, as well as President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Anthony’s Health Care Center, Inc. As a healthcare consultant, Jim has personally completed approximately thirty interim management, assessment or turnaround assignments for healthcare organizations.

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