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Charles G. Heisinger Jr.

Senior Consultant

O: 773-724-2082

Chuck Heisinger, a Certified Turnaround Analyst, is a senior consultant with over 30 years of experience in providing solutions to complex business challenges for clients across a variety of industries. Considered an expert in numerous areas, the majority of his career has involved management consulting, turnaround consulting, coaching and analytics.

At FMG, Chuck specializes in working closely with management to develop financial analysis and modeling tools to manage cash, profitability, and growth. This includes bringing financial, operational, and managerial expertise to clarify issues and advise clients on opportunities for improvement. He is able to analyze company performance, forecast short-term and medium-term financial results, and synthesize large amounts of data to solve complex financial problems. He has a particular expertise in consumer goods, staffing, real estate development, heavy manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, salvage, data analytics, and communications.


Prior to joining Focus Management Group, Chuck served as an independent consultant where he was responsible for providing coaching and leadership development services, as well as financial and data analytics services. He worked with firms to provide an understanding of financial drivers and how to identify key financial relationships in their industry. In addition to providing solutions to operational issues, key industry statistics and white papers have been derived from his data services. As an independent consultant, Chuck's turnaround experience includes revamping the cost accounting system of a $30 million textile manufacturer to achieve profitable performance and averted loan defaults.


Chuck served as the Executive Director for an inter-national personal growth organization. In this capacity, he implemented a broad restructuring of the organization and led initiatives that achieved profitability. In another previous role, he conducted comprehensive customer studies that identified more than $100 million in profit enhancements and revenue opportunities for his industry-leading clients. Chuck was also responsible for creating new competitive advantages for a company by reorganizing the marketing department and leading the company’s development of client database query software.


Chuck received an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin. Chuck is also a Certified Turnaround Analyst (CTA).

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