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Asset Recovery


An asset recovery situation requires the ability to understand stakeholders’ various interests and rights and the range of options available for recovery. Each situation is different; however, all recovery situations require certain skills, including an ability to understand competing interests, to work toward cooperation and to maximize recovery for the party who has engaged our firm.


Focus Management Group has extensive experience in the financial and operating aspects of asset recovery. Our expertise in the nuts and bolts of business operations, combined with our comprehensive experience in all aspects of corporate asset recovery, makes Focus Management Group uniquely qualified to provide asset recovery services.


Loan Recovery

When a company is underperforming or in distress, lenders and creditors may seek loan recovery services to maximize their recovery and return on investment. An unclear strategy for loan recovery is costly and time-consuming. Regardless of the challenge at hand, enlisting a professional can keep lenders and creditors from the distraction of impaired loans.

The professionals at Focus Management Group are available to work with lenders and creditors to determine the best way to maximize the recovery of loans. We customize our services to fit the needs of our clients. Our expertise allows us to help stakeholders maximize their recovery

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