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During times of growth, M&A activity, or unexpected changes in the business, Focus Management Group is able to provide the guidance and stability a company needs by utilizing our interim management capabilities. We can either work alongside senior management in a mentoring capacity or fill C-level positions such as CEO, CFO or COO.


Interim Chief Executive Officers are appointed to an open seat in an organization for a temporary period of time under various circumstances. Talent is often difficult to find at the CEO level in a short time period; therefore, appointing an interim CEO is an attractive option. Focus Management Group’s interim CEOs:

  • Help set strategy and vision and guide where the company is going.
  • Build culture and determine how the company will achieve the desired results.
  • Develop teams and empower the individuals who will make success happen.

Focus Management Group matches the needs of the company to the experience of our professionals in any business environment. Our interim CEOs report to the Board of Directors or directly to the owner of a company with updates on the execution of the business against an agreed-upon plan.


A skilled Interim Chief Operating Officer can significantly enhance and improve the day-to-day operations of a company. Effective interim COOs use their extensive strategic, tactical and short-term operations management background to develop and implement operations and systems improvements that will deliver an organization’s products and services at an uncompromised quality.

Our team of professional interim COOs have the initiative, organizational skills, technical abilities, leadership and knowledge it takes to effectively manage short term challenges that create long term stability. Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer, Focus Management Group’s interim COOs turn corporate visions into reality.


By managing capital and cash flow, an Interim Chief Financial Officer serves as a catalyst in delivering both historical assessments of performance and future oriented modeling and planning for companies. Through the implementation and supervision of internal controls, cultivating relationship with outside financing sources and development of strategic and tactical forecasts, an interim CFO can effectively develop and lead an organization to financial success and improved cash flow performance.

Our interim CFOs lead by experience. We understand the need to prioritize maximizing cash flow, while simultaneously managing a company’s balance sheet and finding the optimum capital structure to support ongoing operations.


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