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The significant ongoing evolution and intense competition in the information technology arena make this industry an increasingly difficult to post long term profitable results. New competitors seem to arise in a moment of time and existing performance levels evaporate quickly. Focus Management Group has extensive experience supporting change and in understanding business dynamics in this environment.

The Focus Technology Success Strategy

Focus offers a comprehensive Technology Success Strategy incorporating 14 major tactics of recovery, management and capital preservation. Our strategy assesses strategic risks and objectives across the enterprise, links strategic objectives with enterprise risks, minimize loss and enhance the decision-making process.

Information Technology Services

Focus professionals have worked in many aspects of the telecommunications environment, as well as many other information technology sectors. We have assisted companies in consolidating with competitors, unraveling failed roll ups, and charting new approaches for profitability. We have established ourselves as a key resource to help lenders and their clients navigate this dynamic environment. Our team understands the short and long‐term costs and benefits associated with different alternatives, and can help you avoid critical mistakes in strategy, cost and quality. Our team of professionals has expertise with every issue in the information technology industry, including the following:

  • Cost Control
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • IT Integration
  • Interim CIO Management
  • IT Assessment
  • Technology Strategy
  • Compliance Remediation
  • Change-in-Control Planning
  • Project Development & Implementation
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • IT Turnaround
  • New Technology Evaluation


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