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Poultry Processing Economic Review

The U.S. poultry industry exhibits many unique characteristics, which combine to create challenges for stakeholders seeking to develop turnaround or restructuring strategies for poultry companies. This Paper seeks to provide the reader with an overview of the poultry industry, and to provide insight related to turnaround and restructuring considerations in this niche market.

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Dairy Industry Restructuring Considerations

The purpose of this analysis is to provide a single source for statistical information relating to the dairy industry in terms of both outputs and inputs. Background into dairy-related markets, analyzing dairy farm financial operations, financial and operating analysis tools, as well as a framework for discussing restructuring alternatives will be discussed.

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Hidden Risk From Rising Gas Prices: The C-Store Impact

Higher fuel prices at the pumps are causing consumers to behave in some predictable ways, but with unexpected repercussions. The obvious impact of higher fuel prices is that consumers will tend to alter their buying habits, spending less on other items because they are paying more for gas.

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The Lender and the Dockominium

Prior to the dockominium craze, lenders would be able to foreclose on a marina and sell an operating entity. However, since the mid-2000’s, marinas increasingly have been owned by developers who incorporated dockominium projects with nearby land-based condominium projects or converted marinas to dockominium development projects.

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Strategies for Lending in the Ethanol Industry

Lenders in the ethanol industry are operating in previously unchartered territory. Over the past three and a half years, ethanol producers and their lenders have seen ethanol prices paid to producers range from $1.98 per gallon (January 2007) to a historical high of $2.85 per gallon (June 2008). In March 2010, ethanol prices hit a 5 year low at $1.51 per gallon and have rebounded ...Read Full Story


Will the coronavirus impact your borrowers?

As a lender, which borrowers do you consider for impact, and what do you do to stay ahead of...

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Focus Management Group Welcomes Eric Carl as a Managing Director

2/13/2020 – Eric Carl, Managing Director

Tampa, FL, Feb 13, 2020 – Focus Management Group (FMG), a nationwide turnaround and restructuring firm, has enhanced...

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