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Juanita Schwartzkopf Assists in the Realignment of Medigain

Juanita Schwartzkopf outlines her involvement in the positive growth and international expansion of MediGain.

February 19, 2016 – In her capacity as CEO, she has worked to expand the offices of Medigain, a nationally recognized healthcare revenue management provider. Juanita highlights how the expansion for Medigain’s offices improve the company’s ability to uphold and exceed customer satisfaction. Further details on MediGain’s realignment can be read in the full ...Read Full Story

Focus’ Revenue Cycle Management Results in Award by MedAssets

Downey Regional Medical Center (Downey), a privately owned hospital located in Downey, California, was recently awarded the Revenue Cycle Best Practice Award for Rapid Implementation by MedAssets.

Focus Management Group (Focus) is serving as Financial Advisor for Downey and is guiding the hospital through its Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding. In this capacity Focus has worked with Downey to improve the overall revenue cycle management, computer system ...Read Full Story

Will New Motor Carrier CSA Regulations Impact Profitability?

Safety regulations implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) are meant to impact safety on the roadways, but will most certainly have an impact on the profitability of transportation companies. Lenders to companies in this sector should keep abreast of the changing environment in this arena and the associated potential impact on profitability.

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Helping Protect and Improve Corporate Profits

As Advisors, Restructuring Officers and Interim Managers, the professionals of Focus Management Group support their corporate clients by focusing on short and long-term improvement strategies. In part this is dependent on economic growth both domestically and internationally.

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How Should Ethanol Producers Respond to External Conditions?

Ethanol producers are currently feeling the strain of low margins and uncertain tax incentives. The futures pricing for corn, natural gas and ethanol does not show any immediate relief. Current forecasts of input costs and ethanol sales prices continue to show costs of corn and natural gas exceeding 90% of the projected ethanol sale price.

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The Rise of Receiverships

Professionals recognize that receiverships can provide a cost-effective and efficient way to liquidate failed businesses, and that receiverships can provide some bankruptcy benefits without the high cost or lengthy proceedings associated with bankruptcy cases. Receivership professional fees tend to be less than those incurred in a restructuring or liquidation under the Bankruptcy Code.

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Will the coronavirus impact your borrowers?

As a lender, which borrowers do you consider for impact, and what do you do to stay ahead of...

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Focus Management Group Welcomes Eric Carl as a Managing Director

2/13/2020 – Eric Carl, Managing Director

Tampa, FL, Feb 13, 2020 – Focus Management Group (FMG), a nationwide turnaround and restructuring firm, has enhanced...

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