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Soft Drink Distributor


$20MM Soft Drink Distributor


The Company was contemplating an expansion of its product base and its geographic sales territory via acquisition, recognizing the demands that such action would have on its working capital capabilities. However, the Company’s incumbent lender was not willing to finance such additional working capital needs under the current financing arrangement.

Focus Scope:

The Company sought assistance from Focus Management Group to help screen potential acquisition candidates and to attain refinancing with a new lender.

Tasks Performed:

The Focus professional undertook a review of the financial results of potential acquisition candidates, and provided consolidation pro-forma financial statements for the Company to assess profitability and funding needs. Under the guidance of the Focus Professional, the Company successfully integrated three expansions into different lines and regions. In addition, pro-formas were met, a new lending relationship was established, and the lenders were satisfied.


The Focus Professional’s involvement resulted in a successful integration of the acquired businesses. A new lender successfully refinanced the incumbent, and the Company retired all debt related to the acquisitions within two years.

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