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Poultry Processor


The Company is one of the world’s largest vertically integrated poultry companies. The privately-held company operates hatcheries, farms, feed mills, processing, and delivery of chicken and has 961,259 sf of facilities.


The Company experienced a doubling of feed prices in a six month period that would result in a $50 million negative cash flow over the coming 12 months and would force the Company to not be able to make principal, interest or vendor payments within the upcoming three months.

Focus Scope:

Focus was engaged to conduct a situation analysis, 13 week cash flow, and discuss findings with the lead lender to the Company.

Tasks Performed:

  • Reviewed and analyzed the Company’s business, operations and financial projections
  • Worked with the Company to develop its financial projection models
  • Conducted 13-week cash flow projections on a weekly basis and converted borrowing base reporting from monthly to weekly
  • Assisted the Company in the completion of a 3-Year Business Plan, including financial projections through the fiscal year
  • Provided an evaluation of the Company’s ability to compete and survive given its current financial profile and within the broiler industry environment
  • Discussed the Company’s financial condition and opportunities with management and stakeholders


  • As a result of the information provided by Focus, the lenders continued to work with the Company and the Company is still operating.
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