Focus Management Group

Manufacturing Industry Experience

Metal Stamping Company


Metal Stamping and Precision Machining Manufacturer


A precision machining manufacturer was losing profitability and productivity and needed guidance.

Focus Scope:

A Focus Professional was engaged to provide management training and perform an analysis of the Company’s operations.

Tasks Performed:

Several problems were noted with the Company’s corporate culture, employee interaction and management structure. Our Focus Professional recommended that all Company activities, plans and results be shared with all employees on a daily basis. In addition, daily productivity goals were set and compared to an actual productivity report on a daily basis. All management staff received the same report and discussed why each department did or did not make their goals. Productivity improvement teams were also formed, which broke the key bottlenecks preventing the plant from meeting shipping goals.


With the help of the Focus professional, on-time shipping performance increased from 50% to over 85%, labor overtime costs were reduced by 60%, and productivity improvements resulted in savings exceeding $700,000 per year.

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