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363 Sale


A fully-integrated, multi-plant chicken processor with $200 million in annual revenues. It served all major distribution channels.


Due to a dramatic and unprecedented fall in market prices resulting from the widely-reported "bird-flu" situation, the company's financial strength was being consumed by operating losses of up to $1.2 million per week. Cessation of operations and liquidation appeared imminent.  A liquidation of the business would have resulted in almost a total loss of value and several hundred jobs in a distressed employment market.  To avert a worst case liquidation scenario, Sylvest needed to be sold quickly to a larger competitor with the financial strength to weather a very depressed market.  Speed was of paramount importance.

Focus Scope:

Focus Management Group was retained as Financial Advisor to assist the Company in managing all aspects of its bankruptcy case and lead its bankruptcy sale process in a timely manner.

Tasks Performed:

Focus Management Group worked closely with management to complete the following:

  • Strategic Planning: Focus obtained consensus from all stakeholders, including the Company's primary senior secured lender that the Company needed to be sold quickly to avoid a liquidation outcome.
  • Financing Efforts:  Focus led the effort to obtain DIP financing in an accelerated timeframe from its existing revolving-loan lender to fund operations until the Company could be sold.
  • Maintaining Financial Integrity:  Focus spearheaded actions to enable the Company to maintain the financial integrity of the business while operating within budgetary limitations of the DIP-imposed budget.
  • Bankruptcy Planning & Execution:  Focus prepared a comprehensive communication plan, which was successful in maintaining the support of customers, vendors and employees during the 363 sale process.
  • Managed Sale Process on Expedited Timetable:  Using our time-effective process, Focus managed all administrative aspects of the Chapter 11 filing on an accelerated basis.


  • Successful Sale in a Timely Manner:  The Company was sold to a leader in the chicken processing industry just 7 weeks after filing Chapter 11.
  • Maintained Employment Levels:  Importantly, approximately 800 Company employees maintained their employment.
  • Maximized Recovery:  Secured lenders maximized recovery of their loans.


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