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Support for a Troubled Boat Dealership

Boat Dealership




New and Used Boat Dealership


A multi-location, new and used boat dealership and leasing operation was caught between scheduled payments and its quotas to purchase inventory with its manufacturer and, as a result, was experiencing cash flow issues and was out of trust with its current Lender.

Focus Scope:

A Focus Professional was engaged by the dealership’s Lender to analyze the Company’s finances and develop a plan to remedy its cash flow issues.

Tasks Performed:

  • Performed a detailed 13-week cash flow analysis and analyzed the dealership’s current floor planning of its inventory.

  • Made significant reductions in used boat finished good inventory
  • Results:

  • With the Focus Professional’s adjustments to inventory, staffing, product and floor planning, the dealership achieved significant cost savings, its cash flow issues were remedied and it was returned to profitability in a timely manner.
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