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Balance Sheet Restructuring

Capital Raise Services

It can be quite overwhelming to evaluate the multitude of options for raising capital.  We help make sense of all of the options and find the one that makes sense for the specific business.

Raising capital is one of the most difficult challenges faced by today’s entrepreneurs.

  • Traditional commercial bank loans are very difficult to get, and may have financial terms that are unacceptable to ownership.
  • Risk capital investors (angels and venture capital funds) expect high growth and rapid exit, which result in decision making that may not be appropriate for a specific business.
  • Complicated securities regulations place limits and conditions on who can invest in private placements, and have onerous regulatory burdens for publicly traded entities.

We are able to understand the performance of the business, the strategies for the future, and the balance sheet structure that will support the business.

Debt Refinancing Services

Focus Management Group is able to help companies negotiate debt structures using our expansive knowledge of the lending landscape. We have significant experience negotiating with lenders and creditors in order to successfully restructure a balance sheet.

By restructuring the balance sheet, we can improve cash-flow in several ways,

1) Refinancing and consolidating the existing debt, which may establish a longer amortization period,

2) Developing a multi-tier lending structure that matches risk and reward of various types of lenders and equity with the assets and the cash flows of the business,

3) By injecting equity, to provide needed access to cash to support the current financial condition, and the forecast for the next 3 to 5 years.

When it comes to debt restructuring and re-organization, the core elements are simple and we can help businesses that have:

1) A good product,

2) A good market,

3) A good management team with a positive history,

4) Strong potential for development, or

5) An honest track record.

Our proven process saves our clients significant time and money by quickly developing and sourcing the most appropriate financing structure.


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